Elizabeth Minchilli’s Potato and Salted Anchovy Salad

Our friend Elizabeth Minchilli hits the nail on the head when she saysanchovies can make anything good even better. I use them in pasta sauces all the time, and even add them to soups to add that extra umpf of umami.”


Elizabeth used our Nettuno Anchovies from Cetara as the inspiration for a stunning potato and anchovy salad.  As she says,”These anchovies come from the small village of Cetara, on the Amalfi coast. Immediately after being caught, the anchovies are beheaded, and then quickly packed tightly into jars full of salt: bones and all. The fact that they are processed so quickly means that these are some of the tastiest anchovies you can get… the anchovies stayed firm and their fishy saltiness was the perfect pairing with this simple, starchy salad.”


Anchovies and potatoes are a match made in heaven! We cannot wait to take Elizabeth’s recipe for a spin, it looks absolutely delicious. And we promise, preparing these anchovies takes no more time than washing lettuce or peeling carrots.

photos by: Elizabeth Minchilli

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