The Truth about Pine Nuts

We know. The sun is shining. Flowers are blooming. Your seasonal food brain is starting to think about pesto! Freshly made pesto.

Without fail, when this season rolls around our friends start asking questions about Pine Nuts. Why are some so metallic tasting? Why do some have black spots? How do I know if they are really from Italy?

The truth about Italian Pine Nuts is that they are extremely rare. Even in Italy. Why does origin matter? The taste. Real Tuscan pine nuts have a pure, sweet, nutty flavor. These Pinoli are actually grown inside a nature reserve and you can taste Tuscany’s rolling hills in every morsel.

If you can’t make your pesto with Italian pine nuts, we suggest making Pesto Trapanese, here’s the recipe. It’s made with Almonds!

This bag of Pinoli is molto piccola! It’s just a handful of Real Tuscan Pine Nuts. $14 for this small bag is, well, a lot! That’s the cost for the real thing 😉

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