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Preserving Pesto Genovese greenness and absolute freshness for longer? Mission impossible for most, but completely achievable for Pesto King Roberto Panizza. To create this shelf stable Pesto, Roberto took his world famous fresh Pesto Genovese and made some tweaks to the recipe. While dealing with natural ingredients, the trickiest part was keeping the basil’s vibrant flavor. Panizza did that with the oldest preservative in the history of gastronomy: sea salt. Yes, this shelf-stable Pesto tastes salty. Think of this as a condiment, not a stand-alone sauce to eat by the spoonful. However you decide to serve it, ease off on the salt and instead use all the salinity of the Pesto. 
If you’re familiar with Roberto’s fresh Pesto Genovese, you know we fly in very limited amounts from his lab in Genova, which sell out in a matter of days. Is Panizza’s non-perishable Pesto going to be as spectacular as its fresh version? That’s impossible. Is this the best possible Pesto Genovese on Earth with a 12-month shelf life? Pesto King Roberto Panizza made sure it is.

Look at the ingredient list of this shelf stable Pesto Genovese: Italian extra virgin olive oil, DOP basil from Genova, Parmigiano Reggiano, Italian pine nuts, Trapani sea salt, and garlic from Vessalico. No sketchy acronyms or shortcuts. To these beautiful raw materials, Roberto adds natural vegetable fiber that stabilizes the sauce and keeps it for longer.

This is a pantry staple, so keep the jar out of the fridge (until it's opened) and build your personal Pesto reserve. Shelf stable Pesto is a last minute life saver, one mighty jar containing all the ingredients that you need to add a savory zest to your meal. Try Pesto with your favorite pasta shape - we like trenette, but spaghetti, trofie, or potato gnocchi also work well. Spoon a little over fresh sliced tomatoes or warm bread for a delicious aperitivo. Whatever you decide to pair with this Pesto, make sure you do not heat the sauce directly.
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