The Sicilian Pasta That’s Seducing America

In the town of Castelvetrano, deep in the heart of Sicily, grain master Filippo Drago does something truly extraordinary at his mill Molini del Ponte. He makes pasta with Tumminia, an antique wheat variety native to Sicily. The result is outrageously toothsome.

“Filippo, the producer, is really an enlightened person and his passion for heritage grains, the growing of sound crops and perfect milling shows… Passion, love, know how, many trials and perseverance.” — Gabriella Becchina

Busiate–a pasta shape particular to western Sicily. These are made at the Molini del Ponte gristmill, right in the heart of Castelvetrano, and moreover made from local tumminia wheat, a heritage grain if there ever was one! Thanks to Gustiamo for importing these tasty morsels.” — Nancy Harmon Jenkins

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