It’s Already Time For Panettone And Pandoro

Panettone and Pandoro are back, and they have exceeded our expectations. They just came through our doors and they are already filling the warehouse with an inebriating perfume.

The Gusti team visited Luigi’s pastry lab in Padova just the other day. We actually got to see our (aka YOUR) Panettone and Pandoro being made. While there, we had the privilege of visiting Biasetto’s fermentation room and meeting his 90-year-old sourdough starter. Chef Biasetto told us that “this mother yeast is our essence and our history. The identity of our Panettone and Pandoro wouldn’t be the same if we used a different yeast.”

Look at him, focused on his Lievito Madre control chart. He looks like a mad scientist! Chef Biasetto is an artist of leavened dough, able to elevate his rich sweet breads to achieve an incomparable airy structure. And that’s not an easy feat: it represents the care and attention that only a Champion du Monde of his caliber can reach.


Equilibrium of flavors:

Each bite is a treasure. Studded with oranges, citrons, and lemons candied in-house that play in harmony with the plump and juicy raisins from Sicily.

Like a snowflake:

The absolute sublime Panettone slice is patterned with some large oval alveoli surrounded by hundreds of small ones. The crumb is doughy and it melts in your mouth.


Bread of gold:

A delightfully soft structure, with a tender and dense honeycomb of golden glow. The vanilla aroma is intense with sweet buttery notes in the background.

Powdered sugar:

Pandoro Biasetto is accompanied by a little packet of powdered sugar. Sprinkle it on top and shake the whole bag.

Then serve it warm to accentuate the fluffy, pillow-like indulgent mouthfeel.