The Sicilian Pasta That’s Seducing America

In the town of Castelvetrano, deep in the heart of Sicily, grain master Filippo Drago does something truly extraordinary at his mill Molini del Ponte. He makes pasta with Tumminia, an antique wheat variety native to Sicily. The result is outrageously toothsome. “Filippo, the producer, is really an enlightened person and his passion for heritage…

Busiate Tumminia by Filippo Drago from Castelvetrano, Sicily

A lot of our products are “old school,” based on long standing Italian traditions; but our newest product brings traditional Italian “old school” to a new level. Introducing Filippo Drago’s Tumminia Busiate Pasta from Castelvetrano, Sicilia! You may have never heard of Tumminia, but we predict you are about to hear a lot more about it….