Name that Grain: Ancient, amazing, and Pharaoh-worthy

Talk about resilience! Farro has endured empires, wars, and natural disasters. Do you have any idea just how ancient Farro really is? Farro was used to feed the armies of the Roman Empire and has been found inside tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs (although, that is not where it gets its name).

Now to the delicious part. Farro has been a part of the Italian diet for centuries. It is a hearty ingredient that adapts with the seasons. It’s one of our favorite ingredients this time of year. During summer, there is nothing better than Insalata di Farro.

Here are some of our favorite words of wisdom on the subject:

“With its cashew notes and undertones of cinnamon, and with its satisfying chew, farro has become my go-to grain for dishes ranging from salads to breakfast cereals.” — Laura B. Weiss, NPR

“I like to toast farro before boiling it. It amplifies the grain’s slightly nutty, earthy taste. After toasting, cook farro like pasta, in plenty of boiling salted water, until it’s just al dente.” — Andrew Feinberg, Franny’s

“Insalata di farro, easiest thing in the world. All you must do is cook the farro, add seasonal ingredients, and serve at room temperature. With lots of good extra virgin olive oil, of course.” — Gustiamo’s Beatrice!

When it comes to insalata di farro there are no rules. Use what’s in season. Be creative. We enjoyed an Insalata di Farro just yesterday for lunch, full of garden fresh basil, zucchine, and lots of fruity Pianogrillo. So satisfying.

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