Ruth Reichl’s Fridge is Like a Shelf in our Warehouse

Who wouldn’t want a tour of Ruth Reichl’s fridge? Ruth often shows us love in her newsletter, La Briffe, giving us and her readers plenty of inspiration. We’ve written about her again and again, but she really blew us away with her “What’s in Your Fridge” episode with comedian Dan Adhoot. She mentioned so many of our products! Davvero, grazie Ruth.

First of all, she has an entire drawer dedicated to capers, dried fruit, and nuts. Ruth, you are speaking our love language. Here’s what she had to say about La Nicchia capers, and yes, she gets them by the bag:

These capers I think are the best capers you can buy. They’re from Italy, they’re bigger, they’re tastier. You are making your food instantly more delicious.

Next comes the cured meat and fish compartment. The fish in question? Oro di Cabras whole mullet bottarga, an ingredient she always has on hand and that she maintains is a completely different experience from the pre-grated kind:

The thing about having the whole one is that it comes in wax, and then you can take the wax off and slice it into beautiful little shavings that are moist.

Even host Dan Adhoot is on the bottarga train:

I love Bottarga, it’s one of those kinda secret ingredients that you can put in anything and it adds this umami fishy flavor that’s delightful.

Finally comes the hot sauce shelf, where Ruth keeps her Colatura di Alici. She pitches it as a kind of “anchovies for beginners”, instead of melting anchovies into onions or whatever you’re cooking, you can simply add a splash of Colatura.

We also spied some Maida peperoncini, some anchovies in salt with their spines and tails still intact, and even some Sicilian flour lurking in the background. Why keep flour in the cold? Because “the germ is still in there, it’s a living thing“, Ruth says. Molini del Ponte Drago flours are totally organic and will stay fresher for longer when kept at colder temperatures.

We’re so glad you’re enjoying and cooking with our ingredients, Ruth! For those of you interested in how we like to use these ingredients, check out these recipes:

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