Elizabeth Minchilli’s Secret to Great Pasta al Pomodoro

I have the hardest time finding good San Marzano pelati in the States. I think I’ve tried every brand at Whole Foods. Bleh! Just not the same. For truly great imported pelati, you can order from Gustiamo.” Parole Sante (blessed words) from Elizabeth Minchilli in tomato + rosemary {pasta}, her latest blog post, where she says that sometimes pasta al pomodoro can be a bit boring. But of course, being the Italian cooking extraordinaire that she is, she has the solution. Buy great imported pelati from Gustiamo! fantastico! Grazie Elizabeth!

SanMarzanoTomatoesIndeed, it is all about quality! Elizabeth also says: “Of course,  as with everything, quality matters. If you don’t start out with great tomatoes, then you aren’t going to get very far. And no, great tomatoes doesn’t necessarily mean fresh tomatoes. In fact, more often than not, great tomato sauce starts out with canned tomatoes. The key is quality. ” Cara Elizabeth , we couldn’t agree more and we admire your commitment to quality, grazie mille!

Top photo by: Elizabeth Minchilli