New Product: Porcini sott’olio

Presenting: Porcini mushrooms sott’olio. After years of stocking our pantries with their insanely aromatic dried Porcini, our friends at Borgolab have shared with us the Italian aperitivo par excellence, funghi Porcini preserved in oil + vinegar, made in their artisanal lab in Borgotaro.

Val di Taro is the land of mushrooms. Come fall, everyone heads out on their own mushroom hunt, foraging in their secret corners of the woods. Inevitably, every household of this hilly town in Emilia developed their own family recipe for Porcini sott’olio.

The aroma of funghi Porcini is very potent when you first pick them, but it’s volatile and evanescent. Fresh Porcini last only a couple of days, so we needed a way to keep this bounty of fall for longer.

They tell us from Borgotaro.

With a dense and firm flesh, these Porcini mushrooms are hand-selected, sliced, then blanched in white wine vinegar. Next comes the signature step of each artisanal production: Porcini are cured with a house blend of spices. Our friends at Borgolab chose whole laurel leaves and cloves from their gardens, plus a pinch of pepper and cinnamon.

Eat Borgolab Porcini sott’olio out of the jar, drying off the olive oil and dressing them up with your choice of seasoning. They do pack a good tang, as the Italian tradition of preserved mushrooms requires. This makes them the perfect centerpiece of rich + salty salumi and cheese boards.

Feeling more adventurous?
Our fungi passionate friend + bravissimo photographer Phil Buccellato inspired us with a great pairing. Quickly grill or char the Porcini to give them a crunchier texture and finish them with a sprinkle of salt flakes to bring out the best in them. Serve on toasted bread with cheese and a good drizzle of EVOO. Dreamy!