Ruth Reichl Loves Gustiamo Products

And we love her! Ruth Reichl is a prolific food writer and an incredible chef (seriously, check out her credentials). A pioneer on the American food scene since she published her first book in the 1970s, she was an early reporter of the great American food revolution.

To this day, her conversational yet precise writing style challenges Americans to think about what they eat and why. For example, are you an anchovy skeptic? Check out her piece in Town & Country on Americans and anchovies and see if she convinces you otherwise.

Through her writing and television projects, Ruth embraces the philosophy of using quality, traceable ingredients to create delicious meals with integrity. Ruth’s values surrounding food and eating truly align with our own. We are so honored to be featured in the 2021 gift guide of her brand new writing project, La Briffe!

Here’s what she has to say about us:

“Gustiamo, is a fantastic source for all manner of Italian products. They are one of the few places that sell real Italian pinenuts. […] Gustiamo also stocks my favorite capers (I am never without them), fantastic flours, and an apricot jam I truly love.

But one reason to mention Gustiamo right now is because the southern Italian harvest has just taken place. If you have never experienced newly pressed olive oil, you are in for a treat. Olive oil is a living product and the flavor just after it is pressed is fresh and lively.”

Grazie, Ruth! That apricot jam is also a house favorite, and we agree nothing much is better than freshly pressed EVOO. We can’t wait to see what you’ll be cooking in 2022!