Colatura in Saveur

This issue of Saveur magazine features Peter Jon Lindberg’s latest Italian obsession, Colatura di Alici. Colatura is an Italian fish sauce. The best, most traditional Colatura is made in the small village of Cetara, on the Amalfi Coast.

This article is not online. If you want to read it, get your hands on a copy of Saveur. In the meantime, here are some of our favorite Colatura quotes from the article:

Each tiny teardrop is improbably dense with fragrant, salty funk—a white-dwarf star of salinity that goes supernova on the tongue.”

Colatura bares some resemblance to pungent Asian fish sauces, but it’s richer and more refined…

Every Italian knows that the finest colatura di alici comes from Cetara, the sun-drenched village…

The Cetarese like to mix colatura into pasta with olive oil and garlic, adding a wallop of briny mouth-filling umami.

Grazie to our Colatura producers: Enzo, Giulio, and Raffaela for making the best Colatura in the world!

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