Lasagna with Porcini and Vacche Rosse is rich and opulent, yet has an elegant and sophisticated flavor. One forkful immediately feels comforting and satisfying, yet you’ll come back for more. This Lasagna is hands-down one of the best things we’ve eaten this year.

Faella Lasagna sheets have a unique coarse thickness. They taste like they were made exactly for this recipe, where texture is front and center. The al dente mouthfeel of the pasta is balanced by oozy layers of silky béchamel and meaty slices of plump Borgolab Porcini mushrooms. Every bite is a symphony of these three elements complementing each other

– Adding grated Vacche Rosse cheese to béchamel is such a pro move, we stopped making béchamel any other way.
– A bag of dried porcini quadruples in size, once rehydrated. A little goes a long way with these umami bombs.
– Drop a Vacche Rosse rind in your mushroom ragu while cooking, you’ll coax out maximum savoriness from the cheese.

Space out the recipe over a couple of days: porcini mushroom ragu and cheesy béchamel can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 days. Make them in advance.

Baked lasagna must rest at least 30 minutes before you slice into it. Plan ahead and get ready to have your mind blown by the queen of Italian classics.