No Waste Bluefin Tuna

The Testas are a family of tuna nerds. They fish tuna. They can tuna. They eat tuna. They educate about tuna. By law, they have just one month to catch all the Sicilian Bluefin tuna for the rest of the year. Thirty days!!

They wouldn’t waste a bone of all the bounty that the Mediterranean sea offers them. Following Sicilian traditions, each part of the tuna is cherished and used for different recipes. That’s what makes “Testa tuna from sea-to-jar at its best,” word of Forbes.

But how to choose? Here’s our Sicilian Bluefin tuna 101 guide 🐟

Luxurious Ventresca in EVOO

Bluefin’s underbelly with the richest marbling and velvety mouthfeel. The fat retains the most complex aromas and provides a lush long lasting finish. Take out of the jar and dive right in with a touch of salt flakes or lemon squeeze.

Flavorful Buzzonaglia in EVOO

The most humble yet most flavorful part: the flesh of the central spine. The intense briny sensations and tender flake texture shine when cooking with it. Mix with tomato sauce for a Sicilian pasta al tonno or prepare fish polpette.

Chubby Filetti in EVOO

The fish muscles, working hard to swim across the Mediterranean. Thick slices of firm meat, never chalky or dry. Clean mouth, delicate fishiness, savory finish. Elevate a green salad Nicoise, tuck into a sandwich, make tuna + white beans.

Umami Bottarga

Tuna eggs that are skillfully cured in Sicilian salt. Known as the “poor man’s caviar”, it packs all the flavors of the sea. Grate for spaghetti alla bottarga, sprinkle on a Mediterranean bruschetta, shave onto greens, potatoes, or eggs.


Savory bluefin tuna buzzonaglia meets candy-like corbarino tomatoes and umami dried porcini for a spaghetti dish “in the style of cart drivers”.


Mild, creamy cannellini beans give a smooth canvas for the meaty, sapid fish, while Valpolicella vinegar brings a bright pop of acidity.