Just back from Modena

ba90c273-acbe-4bfd-acf0-9a2bf3552603What is the best way to use Traditional Balsamic Vinegar?
“You cannot go wrong when you pair Traditional Balsamic Vinegar with dishes that are salty or fatty (or both!). This is one of the easiest and most distinctly Italian ways to improve a dish and make it so special.”

Those were the words of Mariangela Montanari, our balsamic idol whose amazing kitchen in Modena is full of open bottles of Traditional Balsamic.

How can we justify the cost of using Traditional Balsamic Vinegar in our home kitchens or our chefs in their restaurants?
“Think about a bottle of wine. You consume a bottle of wine with dinner. It could take you a year, or more, to finish a bottle of Balsamic. Same for chefs, you just need a drop! And of course, the taste justifies itself.”

Read all about our visit with Mariangela and the Balsamic making process on the GustiBlog.

Mariangela makes Traditional Balsamic Vinegar as well as Balsamo, her “everyday” Balsamic, perfect for salads and any recipe that calls for balsamic.

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