Mangoes in Sicily? Drink up.

We took a sip of Marco Colzani’s mango nectar and we couldn’t believe what our taste buds were experiencing. But wait, mangoes in Italy? OH YES.

On the Sicilian coastline facing the Aeolian Islands, a farmer called Vincenzo Amata converted some abandoned citrus fruit groves into a mango farm. There, literally a few meters from the sea, mangoes are thriving in the rich soil and scorching hot sun of Sicilia.

Farmer Vincenzo is a VERY passionate Sicilian. He’s dedicating his life to the sustainable production of mangoes that are an absolute flavor bomb. Once Marco Colzani tried Vincenzo’s mangoes, he was hooked for life.

What do Sicilian mangoes taste like? Succulent, caramelly, zesty, velvety, with a final touch of minerality thanks to that Sicilian salty breeze. Vincenzo harvests his mangoes at peak ripeness and ships them to the Colzani lab within 48 hours. Marco squeezes out all their flavor and bottles up the next closest thing to drinking a mango smoothie on a beach. A Sicilian beach, no less.

Sicilian soil + Mediterranean breeze = tropical fruit heaven. The northern coast of Sicily, especially the area between Messina and Palermo, is particularly good for this tropical crop. How? Vincenzo proudly works with the University of Palermo to understand and develop the most sustainable practices for mango cultivation in Sicily. Read more on the Gusti blog.