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Are you one of those people who wakes up thinking about breakfast? Well, we are, specifically about Marco Colzani's Pistachio Spread. Made only with Pistacchi della Sicilia, it is delightfully sweet with just a hint of saltiness. You can practically taste the Sicilian sunshine in each gooey spoonful of this spread. He developed this recipe to highlight the natural flavor of the pistachio, combining it with just other three ingredients: Italian raw cane sugar, extra virgin olive oil, , and Sicilian sea salt. All blended into a remarkably smooth and creamy spread. 
What is Marco's secret to creating a spread with this much pistachio flavor? SLOW EVERYTHING. Slow drying and slow toasting at low temperature. Simplicity is one of Marco's core beliefs which, to quote, consists of "taking away everything unnecessary, and try to come as close as possible to the original." Marco sources the pistachios himself in Sicily, and he makes this spread at his pastry lab in his hometown outside Lake Como in Lombardia.
We can think up countless excuses - uh - uses for this spread: it makes a killer icing for cakes or cupcakes, a great filling for crepes or pancakes, and a fantastic topping for gelato. But our favorite might be the simplest: spread it on a slice of fresh bread or warm toast, and you've found your new favorite breakfast. 
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