On La Cucina Italiana: Where to Order Italian Groceries from Home

For decades La Cucina Italiana has been a reference point for all the curious minds wanting to explore the conviviality of the Italian food culture. We are very glad that they are back with a refreshed and redesigned version of their magazine, in print and online. Through inspiring stories and authentic recipes, La Cucina Italiana encourages all the lovers of Italy to discover the traditions that shaped Italy’s identity and gastronomy.

We were especially happy to find ourselves in the latest “where to” list published on La Cucina Italiana. Writer Abigail Napp put together a useful lineup of stores that deliver Italian ingredients directly to your door. She says about Gustiamo:

Chefs make the journey to Beatrice’s warehouse in the Bronx, because they know they will find Italy’s most carefully sourced products. Shop in Gustiamo’s online store for high-end Tuscan extra virgin olive oils, exceptional cherry tomato sauce, and ancient grains. Every ingredient leaves Italy with a special origin story, and Beatrice knows exactly how to tell them in her Gustiblog and newsletter–well worth perusing for recipe inspiration!

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In a previous article focusing only on Campania ingredients, her colleague Carole Hallac dived even deeper into Gustiamo’s pantry. She focused on traditional foods directly imported from the area around Naples and how they are made.

The Bronx importer of Italian food in the US is a twenty years institution, providing chefs, restaurants and food lovers a selection of high-quality products. Their website allows the users to select items by region, including delicacies from Campania such as Faella pasta. “One of our exclusive products is Candele, a unique candle shaped pasta by Faella,” explains Gustiamo’s owner Beatrice Ughi. “They are very long and you can break them to the desired length. They are dried for sixty hours, compared to 30 minutes drying in electric ovens of regular pasta brands.” Gustiamo has a great canned tomatoes selection, including real San Marzano and Piennolo del Vesuvio, a fresh-tasting grape tomato from Mount Vesuvius. For real connoisseurs, Beatrice suggests Miracolo di San Gennaro, plum tomatoes so delicate and delicious than they are not even peeled. Produced in limited quantity by Sabatino Abagnale in the Agro Sarnese-Nocerino, they take their name from the patron Saint of Naples. Other Campania products include Anchovies from Cetara, and preserves from the Maida farm in Cilento, prepared with fruits and vegetables harvested at the peak of their freshness, from grilled artichokes to yellow tomato passata, to a white fig jam.

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