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Yellow Tomato Passata from Maida Farm will give a significant boost to your kitchen projects. Francesco makes his passata from the Pomodoro Lungo Giallo di Capaccio, an heirloom variety typical of Campania. They ripen into a stunning golden yellow color and are thus rich in betacarotene and vitamins. This yellow tomato puree consists of yellow tomatoes, basil leaves, and sea salt. Genuine and pure, Yellow Tomato Passata requires little effort to create an excellent tomato base. Reduce it on your stove for a couple of minutes, and get ready to express your creativity!   
With low acidity and a sweet, delicate flavor, this Passata makes a great simple base for elegant dishes, pairing marvelously with delicate ingredients without covering up the other flavors. It is an amazing liquid base for poaching and makes a great pour-over sauce for proteins like chicken and fish. 
These Pomodori Lungo Giallo di Capaccio are true heirlooms tomatoes. They belong to a rare and precious variety, to be preserved and kept alive through the generations. 
Farmer Francesco Vastola grows these tomatoes on Maida Farm, where the strong sun, low rainfall, and mineral-rich soil give them a high concentration of sugars and acids, allowing them to preserve their remarkably fresh flavor over time.
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