New Harvest 2012 Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is in the USA

OlivesEvviva! The new extra virgin olive oils have finally arrived in our
warehouse. Try them as soon as you can. You will not find fresher oils than these; one month ago the
olives were still on the tree. The magnificent five are:

New EV Olive Oils
New EV Olive Oils

Cru di Cures: made by Laura Fagiolo from raja, frantoio
and carboncella olives, in Lazio

La Quagliera: made by Prisca Montani from dritta and
leccino olives, in Abbruzzi

Il Tratturello: made by Francesco Travaglini from gentile
di Larino olives, in Molise

Vicopisano: made by Nicola Bovoli from frantoio olives,
in Toscana

Pianogrillo: made by Lorenzo Piccione from tonda iblea
olives, in Sicilia


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