How to choose your Summer EVOO


Fresh mixed greens, bruschetta with raw tomatoes, backyard BBQ, grain bowls, a quick pasta salad, or even gelato: the key to the best summer meals is (1) keeping it simple and (2) a great extra virgin olive oil to rely on.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Italy or the US, on both sides of the ocean each (scarily frequent) heatwave is making us all stray away from the kitchen as much as possible. And that’s the exact moment when an exceptional, green gold EVOO will take your summer menu from bland to glorious.

Whether it’s for cooking, marinades, dipping, or finishing, real farmer-made EVOO is used for everything.

Yes, but how to choose your favorite olive oil, when you can’t try them all? We got you! We profiled the flavor, spiciness, and aromatic notes of the Gusti EVOOs so that you can have your best Extra Virgin Summer.

When you buy a Gustiamo EVOO, we guarantee that you will receive an oil that:
? is real, honest, Italian extra virgin olive oil
? is made by a small family business that owns both their trees AND their mill
? is made with local olive varieties (yay biodiversity!)
? was milled no more than 12 hours after the olives were harvested
? has undergone lab testing to make sure everything is in order