Pianogrillo and Vicopisano EV Olive Oils in the NYTimes!

Thanks to Julia Moskin for inviting Gustiamo to the NYTimes to talk about EV Olive Oils. Very exciting! And for calling us “The Experts.” Priceless!

This is an excerpt of Julia’s article:

Vicopisano Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Vicopisano Extra Virgin Olive Oil

“ALONG with laboratory analysis, testing olive oil still involves human taste. To learn how the experts do it, the Dining section asked Martina Rossi Kenworthy, an importer, and her colleague Stefano Noceti, a certified master taster in Italy, to guide a blind tasting of extra virgin oils, including some from their warehouse, supermarket brands and California products. Even blind, they were able to pick out the most expensive oils (Pianogrillo from Sicily, $34.75, and Vicopisano from Tuscany, $43; all prices are for half-liter bottles). Those had an undeniable “liveliness” – a tingly acidity, balancing out the richness of oil – that made them complex and delicious… All those oils had some of the throat-burning quality that reveals the presence of polyphenols, antioxidants that make olive oil healthful… Mr. Noceti said that some oils produced for the American market are purposefully made smooth: we are perceived as timid when it comes to olive oil…”

Do not worry, Gustiamo‘s producers are so small they wouldn’t even dream of a different production for the “international and/or American” market. Their EV Olive Oil is always the same and the best anywhere in the world.

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  1. Tracy Bridgewater says:

    Good to know their quality is always reliable. I wouldn’t want any “smoothed” oils in my dishes!
    Pianogrillo is actually my favourite!! So fruity, so heavy in a fresh way!
    I use it sparingly and always raw, never in cooking, to keep the fantastic aroma alive. I love it on toast bread, first rubbing fresh garlic onto the toasted slice, then pour this beautiful oil on, and enjoy! Acts also as health improvement, will shield you from getting a cold if eaten daily for breakfast! (At least that works in my family)

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