Extra Virgin Summer – Olive Oils

The EVOO for your Summer Recipes

While talking with one of our NYC chef friends the other day, he mentioned that ever since he started using Gustiamo olive oil, he can’t stop noticing how much of a difference it makes. The overall taste and impact of his dishes have definitely improved, he told us.

Good EVOO makes a difference. Not only does it make a difference in taste, it also makes for more nutritious meals.

What’s in your pantry for this coming summer cooking season? Here are some of our suggestions for pairing summer fare with great EVOO.

SEAFOOD DISHES. We suggest a Benza. This extra virgin olive oil from Liguria has subtle grassy notes that pair well with fish flavors, so satisfying but not overpowering.

GRAIN SALADS. Reach for Antichi Uliveti. This one is from Sardegna and it achieves a perfect balance between fruity and peppery notes. Great for all your summer grains, and legumes too!

GRILLING. Il Tratturello from Molise is perfect. This bold and powerful oil pairs excellently with grilled flavors. Vegetables, fish, or meat! Drizzle some of this on as soon as it comes off the grill.

BRUSCHETTA. Pianogrillo extra virgin olive oil from Sicily stands out for its hints of citrus and raw almonds. It’s great for summertime bruschetta aperitivo.