Food DIRECTLY from Italy

Gustiamo Direct to consumer Italian Food Importer

Gustiamo is NOT another online grocery store. We are your direct to consumer Italian importer. We bring in the best damn foods and ingredients from Italy and we sell them directly to you.

We like to say that when Gustiamo chooses to work with a farmer or a foodmaker, it’s similar to a marriage. We commit. We famously waited years to add a new EVOO to the Gustiamo family. Sure, we were crushing on lots of Umbro oil, but we held back until we found the right fit with Gaudenzi. BTW- have you tried their new harvest Quinta Luna?!

italian food direct to consumerAs fun as designing a Gustiamo product line would be, we care deeply about our food producers’ identities. We want you to know, front and center, that Mariangela’s balsamic company is called La Ca’ dal Non (grandpa’s house) and that Miele Manias is named for Luigi Manias, our Gramscian beekeeper in Sardegna.
The products you buy from Gustiamo go from the producer, to a shipping container, to Gustiamo in the Bronx. That’s it. We never use third party warehousing or buy from distributors. We are committed to total food traceability.
Gustiamo foods never have any kind of “fair trade” claim. We know exactly how much our farmers and foodmakers are paid, because we pay them. AND we pay them the price they ask. No haggling. Through our relationships, we have seen producers grow their businesses and families, which is at the heart of why Gustiamo exists.
We are living in the American “e-commerce for everything” era. Order fulfilment has become a human rights issue. At Gustiamo all orders are picked and packed in-house by us. No outsourcing. No contractors. No third parties. Everyone at Gustiamo picks and packs, from our founder to our newest hire. Oh, and we don’t have any weird productivity quotas.