Greetings From Artichoke Season In Italy


Spring is artichoke season in Cilento National Park, the countryside south of Naples, and we just received a shipment of Small Artichokes, fresh from the field.

These artichokes are planted, harvested, and jarred in extra virgin olive oil, all by Maida Farm.

These artichokes are called Artichokes of Paestum and they fall into the category of Romanesco Artichokes. They are known for being one of the most delicious varieties of Artichokes in the world, tender but crisp and full of artichoky flavor.

How should you eat these artichokes in EVOO?

Father and son farmer team, Francesco + Fabrizio, suggest eating these artichokes with fresh bread (toasted) and a glass of wine.

That’s our ideal version of a summertime aperitivo.