San Marzano on TV

Yes! That’s Stanley Tucci and Zio Vincenzo together eating San Marzano tomatoes fresh off the vine in the Gustarosso fields in Sarno. It’s the premiere of CNN’s new show Searching for Italy, aired last Sunday. For the first episode, Tucci chose to explore Campania and dive into the world of real San Marzano tomatoes.

If you’re feeling a shiver of joy, we are with you. The farmers we work with are our comrades in the good food battle and we are so pleased they are finally getting the attention + recognition they deserve.

Tucci even mentions the San Marzano scam you’ve heard us rant about for more than 20 years. Remember the Mystery of San Marzano unveiled by our friend Nicholas Blechman in the New York Times?

Every year, when we visit Gustarosso farmers, we get the same feeling of wonder and pride. Look at us at San Marzano Day with Zio Vincenzo and Edoardo Ruggiero, founder of Gustarosso. A moment before this photo was taken, we were in the San Marzano fields having our annual fresh tomato tasting.

Caro Stanley, we are thrilled to see you celebrate this true gem of Italy. Welcome to Gustiamo, team San Marzano in the USA!