Colomba by Biasetto. Too Expensive?

La Colomba
La Colomba

At Easter you MUST have Colomba Pasquale. It’s a sweet bread, moist and luscious. Ours is baked by master pastry chef Luigi Biasetto in Padova. It is patiently made with mother yeast, stone-milled flour, fresh eggs, fresh butter, bits of Sicilian candied orange and almonds from Noto. A bite melts in your mouth, gradually letting you taste each of the superb ingredients.  Luigi baked it last week, and it has just arrived. I just read this article, where Biasetto’s is listed among the best artisanal Colomba in Italy. And the most expensive, at €35 each!!! We sell it at $60, which is less than our landed cost (no boat, for this Colomba, only first class air). Why should you buy it if it’s the most expensive in America??? Because it is the best Colomba you can find in the world!!!

Stefano, how is the new Colomba? BUONISSIMA!!!

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  2. Hi Paula,
    you can place your order here:
    or call us at 718-860-2949.
    Thank you!

  3. Luigi Biasetto says:

    It’s a great honour for me to share with our American cousins a product in which besides that European high-quality raw materials, more than 25 years of experience, our passion that characterize ourself, we put also a little Love!
    We wish all who won’t have the opportunity to taste our Colomba an Happy Easter, instead for which will taste it we are sure it will be a very Happy Easter! I want to anticipate that we’ll be in NY next Autumn, to arrange a special evening with guided tasting of our Panettoni and we put every detail of this exclusive and unforgettable event into the hands of our friends of Gustiano, particularly of Beatrice, genuine lover of beauty and goodness.

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