Panettone for Summer

That’s right, we’re selling Panettone in summer!

This Summer Panettone is Luigi Biasetto’s contribution to the “4 Season Panettone” movement. Because, who said that we can’t redefine and adapt our favorite seasonal treats to other times of the year?

This is the launch of Gustiamo’s very first Pop Up Sale. Let the countdown begin! We only have a few Summer Panettoni here, and they will be available on our website for just a short time.

For his Summer Panettone, chef Luigi Biasetto created a special, seasonal recipe; an explosion of bright flavors and colors in a half-size variation on the Christmas classic. This Panettone is just 1 lb, perfect for bringing along on your summer adventures. 

These Panettoni were just baked in Padova and are insanely aromatic.
The key ingredient is a cocktail of spices and fruit that gives off an intense Mediterranean fragrance and creates a vibrant summery mix: zesty candied ginger and orange, sweet sun dried zibibbo grape, and a refreshing hint of star anise. For the shockingly yellow crumb, in addition to fresh egg yolks, Luigi adds a pinch of turmeric. In his own words: “this Panettone shines like the sun.”

The Gusti Team loves Luigi’s Summer Panettone. In fact, these Panettoni are a kind of birthday gift to ourselves and this Pop Up Sale is part of our year long 20th birthday celebration. Can you believe Gustiamo is turning 20 this year? 

Pronti, partenza, via…the Pop Up Sale has just started!