Panettone of Spring: Colomba Biasetto

The golden crumb is feathery like a cloud, the ambrosial flavor has intense notes of honey and citrus. Every bite caresses your palate with a buttery silky texture, and immediately melts in your mouth like cotton candy. The spring cousin of Panettone – Colomba Biasetto – is finally here to fill our lives with joy.

What makes Colomba Biasetto so outstanding? It’s crafted by award winning pastry chef Luigi Biasetto, Champion du Monde since the 90s! Biasetto is the master of Colomba and Panettone: he did not start baking them just now that they’re all the rage, he’s part of the reason why they are a world-wide trend.

Chef Biasetto is obsessed with the quality of his ingredients. He stays up at night thinking about optimal flour maturation, the ideal fat content of butter, his 100yo sourdough, the juiciness of candied fruit… That’s how the most incredible Colomba we’ve ever tasted is born.

If you were already in love with Panettone Biasetto, brace yourself: your tastebuds will dance with euphoria. If you’re among the unlucky ones who couldn’t get their hands on his Panettone last Christmas (we sold out before we could say “lievito madre”), don’t wait any longer, finally you can splurge on his pillowy, heavenly Colomba!