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Colomba Biasetto, the spring version of Panettone, is the traditional symbol of goodwill, hope, and cheer. It's a sweet treat that carries a message of pure joy. 
The Colomba, or dove in English, is the symbolic Italian Easter dessert made in the shape of a dove. Our Colomba is hand made by award winning pastry chef Luigi Biasetto in Padova. This Colomba is made with an ultra carefully selected list that Mr. Biasetto sources himself wherever his search for the best leads him.
Colomba Biasetto has a fluffy, porous, and just ever so slightly dry texture that derives from optimal flour combined with natural mother yeast, which has been nurtured for 90 years and several generations. A rich layer of frosting decorated with luscious, toasted almonds covers the top. Fresh, organic eggs and butter made by centrifuge from the best milk turn the inside glowing yellow.
Throughout the inside, you’ll be delighted by pieces of fragrant candied orange peels. Cloud-like soft, elastic, and velvety, Colomba by Pasticceria Biasetto egg-laden bright yellow dough immediately jumps to the eye; a first bite reveals a perfectly balanced freshness, a clean flavor with delicate notes of honey and vanilla, enlivened by candied orange.

Colomba by Biasetto is a must for lovers of the quintessentially Italian Easter Cake and of all things exceptional. Always baked fresh and just in time for Easter!
This Colomba is 1kg, which is the right size for this product. It's the perfect size because of the bread's natural ability to maintain its consistency at this weight.
Colomba is considered the dove shaped cousin of the winter holiday king, Panettone. Following the…
Flour, sugar, butter, sourdough, vanilla, oranges, and almonds. It takes a perfectionist like master…