Panettone in Summertime

If you – just like us – wondered about the absurdity of serving a cake this good exclusively during the winter holidays, we are here to deliver good news: your prayers have been heard.

Those of you who seized a Biasetto Summer Panettone during last year’s pop-up sale, sure you don’t need to hear a lot more about how fresh, juicy, soft, and unbearably delicious these cakes are. But for the multitudes who just landed here – Ciao, Benvenuti! – here are the key differences between the traditional Panettone and the Summer one:
Compared to the full kilogram of the classic cake, Summer Panettone is smaller, just 1 lb, the perfect size for bringing it along on your summer adventures.

The unique cocktail of spices and candied fruits gives this cake a distinctly tropical vibe. With 10% less butter than the winter one, it is lighter and fresher, making it easier on the palate.

It is an extremely limited production, even more so than the winter version. Making Panettone in the warmer months is particularly challenging.

Open the box, and an intense Mediterranean fragrance will sweep you away. The glowing, zesty candied ginger and orange play in harmony with plump sun-dried Zibibbo grape macerated in Marsala wine, while a refreshing hint of star anise and melon complement the classic vanilla notes.

Cut a slice, and contemplate the shockingly bright yellow crumb. The color of the most prized organic turmeric combined with fresh egg yolks make this Panettone shine like the sun.