Panettone of Spring is called Colomba

Flour, sugar, butter, sourdough, vanilla, oranges, and almonds. It takes a perfectionist like master pastry chef Luigi Biasetto to combine these essential ingredients into something of such heavenly form.

Few things get us all fired up when they show up at our door. A fresh batch of Colomba Biasetto is here to get our Italian spring officially started.

Tear a flaky piece of glaze with your hands and put it in your mouth. The crunchy frosting topped with almonds from Bari will create an unforgettable experience of flavor and texture for the palate.

Intensely yellow, showcasing the natural glow of real local eggs, each slice is studded with oranges from Calabria candied in-house.

On the palate, Colomba Biasetto is silky and deeply satisfying. Moist but not oily, fluffy but not soggy, it melts in your mouth without being heavy. The citrusy note of candied oranges lasts long enough to make you crave another slice.

Don’t take only our word for it! Watch chef Biasetto himself guiding a Colomba tasting and revealing why it’s considered the vernal sister of winter Panettone.

There’s no better Pasqua combination than Colomba and Cioccolato.

Accompany a slice of Colomba with a piece of Marco Colzani bulky chocolate bricks for a classy and super indulgent snack.

Oh, and if you toast the Colomba, the chocolate served on the side will slightly melt, too.