The Doors of Our Warehouse are Open – No Purchase Necessary!

Antonio Of the series: we love to see you in the warehouse, in the Bronx. We can do all the tasting of our products and talk as much as we want (and we talk a lot!) – nobody can stop us! It’s our home. As Jon was saying good bye, Antonio says hello. Antonio Vozzolo often comes to the warehouse. He sits at the computer, places his order, prints the order form, picks and packs it. Our best customer! We don’t need to do anything! Why all this familiarity? Antonio used to work at Gustiamo a few years ago and knows how to move around here! Antonio loves our food! As he says here, in another of our memorable interviews, he likes Sant’Eustachio coffee, Tratturello Olive Oil, the capers and the new Faella pasta from Gragnano. When Antonio worked at Gustiamo, he got interested in our importing operations and became a US Customs broker. He just opened his own company, Pangaea Logistics, an international shipping and relocation company. Good luck, Antonio, with your new adventure!

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  1. It seems like you built good customer relationship with this event. This is a good idea… With this, I’m sure Antonio has been talking a lot about you in his logistics company. That’s great, right?

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