Yesterday, in Gustiamo’s Warehouse in the Bronx. You Are Invited, Too.

We love to see friends here in the Bronx. We can do all the tasting of our products and talk as much as we want (and we talk a lot!) – nobody can stop us! It’s our home.

John Darsky of Pizza del Popolo
John Darsky of Pizza del Popolo

Jon Darsky came yesterday for an olive oil tasting, lead by Stefano, who knows everything there is to know about olive oils. We tasted the new harvest, now that they are all in. Then, we all sat down for lunch and had trenette al pesto and bruschetta with anchovies, tomatoes and capers. Why these products? Jon is opening a pizzeria in San Francisco and wants to use the best Italian ingredients. Jon came to the right place! His pizzeria will be called PIZZA DEL POPOLO. Don’t you love it? This is what Jon says of his experience at Gustiamo (here for the video). He says he was touched by our hospitality and loved all our products.

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