Umbria Is For Beans And Grains

Bio Alberti Farm is in the village of Poggio Aquilone, in Umbria, near Perugia.The farm has been in the Alberti family for three generations. Today, Paola, Guido, Andrea, and Benedetta Alberti cultivate their land in the same way Umbrians have since forever: using crop rotation and organic fertilizer from their own cows.

The Alberti family is proud of their sustainable farming, all of their products are certified organic. The Bio Alberti mission is to carry on their local traditions with products that are healthy, delicious, and authentic. 


Farro Monococcum is the oldest cereal in the world (yep, we said it), it’s a grain full of history.





Black Beans Rustico, basically the best black beans we have ever tasted, rich and hearty.





Chickpeas Sultano are smaller and rounder than other garbanzo varieties and are divinely savory.





Borlotti Beans, with their buttery texture and delicate taste, a favorite of Marcella Hazan.





Barley (orzo in Italian) has nutty, toasted grain notes that make it incredibly versatile.





Cicerchie, or wild chickpeas, have an unusual shape and flavor; think strong + earthy.





Lentils Minuta are tiny small flavor gems, brilliantly multicolored, and taste fantastic.





Cannellini Beans are silky and satisfying. We love them plain with some good EVOO + salt.





Farro Dicoccum is a bigger farro variety with a full mouth-feel, and a creamy texture.