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Chock full of protein, minerals, fiber, and iron, lentils have been considered a powerful superfood since ancient times. We’d like to think that’s why Italians traditionally eat lentils on New Year’s Eve - to guarantee a prosperous and bountiful year to come (though it could just be because they reminded the Romans of tiny gold coins). The lentils from Bio Alberti farm in Poggio Aquilone, Umbria are small in size but brilliantly multicolored and bursting with earthy flavor. When you pass by the legume fields in Umbria, you can't miss the lentils, they create such a beautiful color as they grow; and an equally colorful meal on your plate!

Aside from enjoying them as an auspicious side dish for your New Year’s feast, they also make a delicious warm-weather salad with a bit of fresh tomato, celery, and olive oil. Add them to your favorite vegetables for a hearty lentil soup, or mix them into any pasta dish for an extra nutritious boost. No soaking required - these powerful little lentils will cook up in about an hour and a half. We can’t guarantee they’ll bring you riches, but we can guarantee you’ll be making a traditional choice for good health!  


The Bio Alberti farm, located in the village of Poggio Aquilone between the provinces of Terni and Perugia, has been in the Alberti family for three generations. Today, Guido and Paola Alberti, together with their two adult children, cultivate their lands the same way Umbrians have since ancient times: using crop rotation and organic fertilizer from their own cows.


In addition to lentils, Guido and Paola also produce chickpeas, cicerchie (wild chickpeas), black beans, borlotti beans, cannellini beans, farro dicocco, farro monococco, and orzo (barley). Their mission is to carry on their local traditions with products that are healthy, delicious, and real, using indigenous and ancient varieties whenever possible.