Pasta Grannies goes to Pasta Martelli

The Martelli Family makes one shape of pasta per day. On the day that Pasta Grannies went to visit the pastificio, it was spaghetti day and they were given a tour by the wonderful Chiara Martelli.

As the video below explains, the semola comes from Italy, the dough is pushed through a bronze plate which gives the spaghetti that amazing rough surface. Then, the spaghetti is dried for a long time in a drying room where it rests for 50-52 hours in the breeze of a gentle fan.  During these hours the pasta is rotated to ensure even drying.

As Pasta Grannies points out, “spaghetti of this quality only needs a simple sauce.” The Martelli Family cooked one of their favorite spaghetti dishes, spaghetti al carbonara with sausage. Watch the video to see how Chiara Martelli and zia Rosa do  it!