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This is a special gift for someone who loves Italian cooking and Marcella Hazan. Signora Hazan is a very important person for Gustiamo. Over the decades, she has been a source of inspiration and friendship.  This is what Victor Hazan has to say about Gustiamo:  "There were some things that Marcella retained could never be lacking in her kitchen. Genuinely fruity Italian olive oil, fragrant red wine vinegar that she regarded as an indispensable condiment in any salad, the superior pasta of slow-paced artisans working in small batches, Carnaroli, the matchless rice variety for risotto, sea salt, and the flavor foundation of numberless dishes, good anchovies. There are prize samples of each and others in the munificent basket of Marcella's favorites assembled by Gustiamo. Marcella and I have depended on Gustiamo from its first day. Even from that site's earlier incarnation, to supply us with the basic ingredients of a good Italian table, each patiently tasted and selected at the source by Beatrice. Every one of the artisanal foods that Beatrice brings from Italy has the distinctive flavor we would insist on if we were shopping for them ourselves in Italy."  Marcella always found joy in our products; she especially loved Pianogrillo olive oil. She once told us, "I have just gone through a bottle of Pianogrillo - on salads, steamed vegetables, fava beans, borlotti, and new potatoes. Complimenti!"
Our beautiful wooden gift crates are re-purposed produce boxes; we get them used from one of the oldest produce markets in The Bronx. We like to think of them as "outer-borough" chic.
All Gustiamo gifts have the option of including a gift card at checkout. If unavailable, foods in this gift basket will be replaced with similar ingredients of the same or higher value.

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