6a00e55029641d883401156fb2e2a4970c-800wi (Read previous parts here) I talk on behalf of the whole group (Tony, Cathy, Jeff and I): Molise is a spectacular region and we can’t wait to go back. We loved everybody we met and everything we saw. The clean air, the luminous light and the green of the hills. And the people: hard workers, proud of their culture and heritage, honest and simple. Of the millions of pictures Jeff took in Molise, I particularly like this one. This is the 3 of the group (the fourth being Jeff, behind the camera) and Francesco Travaglini, on the right.

6a00e55029641d883401156fb2e9e0970c-800wi Francesco is a young man married to Pia. Francesco and Pia’s parents used to make olive oil, but they, as well as everybody else in Molise, would sell it for nothing to commercial companies from other regions, who would make their profit by blending it with inferior oil. In fact, while Molise is an agricultural region covered with olive trees, have you ever heard of an olive oil from Molise, before? Well, Francesco is very proud of his land and his oil and 10 years ago decided that enough was enough and he went solo.

6a00e55029641d8834011570a84e3b970b-800wi With some money from his parents and his in laws, a small grant from the state, he started the farm and a Tratturello was born. A spectacular EV Olive Oil (not labelled organic, but it is – look at him!) made with local Larino olives.

We want you to taste it and taste Molise. Write “Larino” in the “special instruction” box of your shopping cart and your bill and credit card charge will reflect a discount of 20% on Tratturello Olive Oil.

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  1. Great post, Beatrice!
    I have more on Molise on my blog, as well!
    see you soon here!

  2. Cathy Mantuano says:

    Love your blog Beatrice! Thanks for writing about the wonderful experience we had and posting Jeff’s great pictures along with it.
    Traturello Olive Oil is just delicious. It is the type of olive oil that does not over power the foods you are you using it on, but enhances their flavors as the best extra virgin olive oils do. We use it at home as well as at Spiaggia. I encourage Gustiamo customers to try it, especially taking advantage of the 20% discount. Ciao tutti nostri amici a Molise!

  3. Thank you very much!
    It’s really a pleasure to read these words .. repays the sacrifices and
    work very hard at times.
    Un abbraccio from Molise che vi ha nel cuore!

  4. James Ceglia says:

    I have read just some of your story, and it is fascinating.
    My husband and I would like to investigate his grandparents’ roots in San Martino in Pensilis. We have their documents showing their roots there. The Name is CEGLIA. This is his grandfather Gennaro Ceglia’s hometown. Anyone familiar with this name. We would like to write to the mayor of the town. How do we go about finding out more. Thank you.
    Helen and James Ceglia

  5. Marion Ungvarsky says:

    QUOTE: “In fact, while Molise is an agricultural region covered with olive trees, have you ever heard of an olive oil from Molise, before?” END QUOTE
    Actually, I have!!!! Back in Germany I would mail-order the outstanding oils from Marina Colonna, who is also from Molise. Have a look here:
    I wonder why YOU never heard of her! The colognian mail-order company “Olive e piu” is praising her stuff, and there I learned her products are winning awards all the time. I would love to have a supplier in the states, but so far have not found anyone yet. For example, the olive oils with orange or lemon you can find in the USA, they are usually flavoured. I am using these inferior copies right now since I can’t get the good Arancia, Bergamia and Granverde in this country.
    Wouldn’t that be something for you?

  6. I’ve read are just some of your story, which is fascinating.

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