Become a 4Star Chef. First Rule: Use Best Ingeredients

Piennolo by Casa Barone
Piennolo by Casa Barone

Sam Sifton gave Del Posto 4 stars. WOW, last time an Italian restaurant was given 4 stars was in 1974!!! What an accomplishment! Wondering what makes a good restaurant a wonderful one – 4 stars worth? Lots of things, but mainly the ingredients! Good for you they are not secret! They are artistically shown in the cool viedeos below: Pasta Martelli for Mark Ladner’s signature Spaghetti with Dungeness Crab (WONDERFULLLL – I can attest!) and Piennolo Tomatoes for his Potatos Gnocchi (didn’t try, but I’m sure they are great!). Watch the videos, get inspired, use the best ingredients and start cooking! Way to go, Mark!






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