The thick and thin of spaghetti. New product!

spaghetti faella gustiamo!To say our week was full of pasta would be a huge understatement. Not only were Beatrice and Edoardo in Michigan cooking Cacio e Pepe with team Zingerman’s. Not only did Nancy and Sara Jenkins release their “The Four Seasons of Pasta” cookbook. We, at Gustiamo, received a new shape of pasta. Welcome Spaghettoni. That’s spagehttONI.

Now, you have work to do. How do you like your spaghetti? This is an extremely personal question. Really. We have learned that there is no right answer, everyone has a different opinion.

Mouth feel is a really personal thing. Intimate, if you will!

This is surely only a matter that would occupy the mind of a serious spaghetti eater. The diameters of Spaghettoni, Spaghetti, and Spaghettini are subtle. But that subtlety can affect an entire dish!

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