When Your Recipe Calls For Black Olives

Here they are! Right off the shipping pallet, just in from Italy. They are wonderfully savory black olives from Campania.

This is Farmer Francesco Vastola, he makes these olives.

Don’t be deceived by his dapper appearance in this picture. He’s usually in his classic farmer attire. No one we know works harder than this guy.

Umami. That’s what’s special about these olives. They have that sought after strong umami flavor.

These olives really pop in your mouth!
Here are three of Farmer Vastola’s secrets for producing such mouthwatering olives:

Pits in. That’s right, these olives have their pits. The pit helps the olive maintain its natural flavor. Keep the pit in until you cook with or eat them.

Good extra virgin olive oil. These olives are in EVOO, which Farmer Vastola makes himself!

No preservatives. These olives are totally free from citric acidy weirdness!

Eat ’em from the jar & use ’em when you cook with black olives.

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