Stacey Snacks with Tomatoes and Anchovies

We first met Stacey of Stacey Snacks at a pizza place! Where else? This lady loves good pizza almost as much as we do. The pizza place was Razza in Jersey City. We were there to see Dan Richer and Katie Parla. It turned into an amazing food night. With lots of bread, butter (oh! Dan’s butter), beer, and of course pizza.

We learned 3 important things about Stacey. She is good friends with the famous Ciao Chow Linda, Dan from Razza refers to her as just “Snacks” (cutest!), and she is a riot. We really had a blast.

Soon after that night, Signora Snacks prepared this Pasta with Swordfish & Cherry Tomato Sauce. The cherry tomatoes? Maida Corbarino Cherry Tomatoes, of course! She says, she used “Italian pomodorini in a jar (cherry tomatoes from Italy)… the sauce turned out sweet and juicy… You can buy these jarred tomatoes thru mail order at, and they are fantastic.”

She includes Anchovies in the dish too, which she says “I also used these special sweet anchovies from Cetara in Campania, which I cleaned myself and removed the bones and tails.  (I’m crazy like that), also can be ordered here thru Gustiamo.”

Stacey, you are the best kind of crazy! Grazie.


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