Corriere della Sera: Vicopisano EVOO best gift for the holidays

Vicopisano on Corriere della Sera
Vicopisano on Corriere della Sera

Do you wish to give the perfect gift, this holiday season? Do you trust Corriere della Sera? I do and read it every day. Last Saturday, in the article “Dall’Olio al Cioccolato – L’Idea Preziosa del Cibo”, Corriere della Sera suggests you give good food products. In particular, they like Nicola’s Vicopisano EV Olive Oil and they say to go to see Nicola directly in Pisa and buy the olive oil at the mill. It’s a little less expensive, there. Instead of flying over, however, you can buy Vicopisano EV Olive Oil here and give your gift with an Italian heart.

Online there is only an excerpt of the article without pictures. I don’t know why. An artistic photo of the actual newspaper on my computer is on the left.

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  1. Thanks to our American friends that following the Corriere’s suggestion will buy for their holiday gifts our “Vicopisanolio” at

  2. Juan Antonio Giner says:

    Bravo! Juan Antonio Giner

  3. Gianna Banducci says:

    As someone who subscribes to the philosophy of Slow Food, I am always eager to discover companies and organizations that promote this movement. Recently, I was introduced to Stefano Noceti during my quest to learn more about the Slow Food university in Italy, L’Università degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche. As a graduate of the school, Stefano provided much insight into his experience in the Master program.
    In the midst of our communication, Stefano mentioned his current role at Gustiamo.
    As soon as I visited the website, I was immediately enamored with the products sold by Gustiamo. I wasted no time in placing an order for Christmas gifts for my family.
    As Italy prides itself on regional fares created by food artisans, I value buying Italian foods that have been produced based on traditional and sustainable practices. Gustiamo excels in creating the experience of meeting, understanding, and purchasing from these artisans despite the distance from Italy. In reading the unique story presented about each Italian producer on the Gustiamo website, it felt as if I was purchasing directly from them. Even when receiving my food items in the mail, I got the feeling of buying from a local, small-scale producer.
    So, if you’re a believer in Slow Food and are looking for memorable gastronomic gifts for the holidays, I highly recommend Gustiamo, particularly the Vicopisano olive oil.

  4. Carolyn Yurkovich says:

    Nicola, I enjoyed so much to visit you in the fall of 2005 and see your artisan olive oil production and meeting some of the locals that came to you for their olive oil. Your earthy olive oil is the best I have ever tasted! I hope to see you again this spring. Thank you! Carolyn Yurkovich

  5. ciao Gianna! what a lovely note. i’ll use it in one of the future posts here. everybody needs to see it. good luck with you!

  6. Thank you to you, Carolyn.
    The 2008 harvest is really super and I hope that you can try it at Vicopisano when you will came next spring the 2009 harvest.
    We are waiting for you.
    see you soon.
    Nicola, Lucia, Simona, Gianluca, Andrea, Giulia e Francesco

  7. He Carolyn,
    Thank you for your entusiastic note.
    the 2008 harvest is really very good but I hope that you will try in your trip next spring the new harvest 2009. It will be maybe better.
    My family and me, we are waithing for you!
    see you soon.
    Nicola, Lucia, Simona, Gianluca, Andrea, Giulia, Francesco etc.

  8. Thank you Gianna for you particular
    recommendation to try our Vicopisanolio.

  9. Claude Erbsen says:

    Glad to see Corriere della Sera has recognized the goodness of Nicola’s oil from Vico Pisano. I had the privilege of trying it fresh off the press and boy was it good. If this were Bourbon it would be “sippin’ whiskey.” Just dip a piece of bread (or a finger) in it and enjoy.

  10. Hi Claude,
    how are you and your family?
    I hope that you can repite soon this experience in Italy but, by the way, thanks to Beatrice and everybody in USA can live your experience at home.
    See you soon!
    A presto!

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