Pine nuts and Pesto in Saveur

Did we mention how much we like the Saveur pasta Issue? They talk about dried pasta, fresh pasta, and also condimenti for pasta like Pesto alla Genovese!

The articles “Journey to the place where pesto was born” and “How to Pick the Best Ingredients for Pesto,” report on the world of Pesto directly from Liguria.

Leslie Pariseau, Kristy Mucci, and Michelle Heimerman go on a Pesto journey. They do this with an exceptional guide, Roberto Panizza, maker of our Pesto Rossi! They explore restaurants, farms, and learn everything about the traditional ingredients to make pesto:
DOP basil from Genova, extra virgin olive oil, Sardinian DOP pecorino fiore sardo  or Parmigiano Reggiano, sea salt, garlic from Vessalico, and Italian pine nuts.

Which ingredient is arguably most important for classic pesto? As our dream team of pesto investigators say, “Italian pine nuts… they are noticeably different, with a sweeter taste (and none of the metallic flavor that other types sometimes have), and they break down into a creamier base for pesto than any others. For the cream of the crop, splurge on these beauties from Gustiamo.”

Pesto is more than just a pasta condiment! In fact, Leslie says in her article: “As he [Roberto Panizza] explains it, pesto is always a reflection of the present moment. It’s impossible to reproduce the same pesto on another day. It also depends on where you’re making it and eating it, who you’re eating it with, how you feel at that particular moment. ‘It depends on the stato d’animo,’ he says. In other words, pesto is a state of mind.”