Martelli Pasta in Saveur

Have you checked the beautiful Saveur Pasta Issue yet?

The Saveur test kitchen had a blind taste pasta test, and Martelli “was a clear standout.” Its winning characteristics? “It received the highest score in the flavor category, and tasting notes were uniformly raves: “clear winner,” “really nice bite,” “nearly perfect.”

Pasta Martelli was a big hit in the blind taste test and Saveur points out that when it comes to dried pasta, chefs and “Italian food obsessives” are crazy about Martelli. In the article, Chris Cohen talks to Luca Martelli who explains how important the drying process is for pasta. Luca says: “The drying phase of producing pasta secca doesn’t just preserve it. It’s what gives dried pasta its irreplaceable essence—if the producer is careful.” The Martelli family in fact dries their pasta low and slow,  for 50 hours and never above 100 degrees.  As Luca says: “The dough is dried, but it’s still alive.”

Great job Martelli family!