Alta Langa Hazelnuts Arrive to the USA

We have a new producer in the Gustiamo family! Everyone, meet Terra delle Nocciole.

This is Giorgio. He makes our Alta Langa Hazelnuts from Piemonte.

Giorgio Rosso standing in his hazelnut grove in Cravanzana.

He is a young farmer in Cravanzana in the Langhe area of Piemonte. He and his two childhood friends Marco and Marco (yes, both named Marco) work together to grow, process, and sell hazelnuts.

And not just any hazelnuts! These Alta Langa Hazelnuts (click here for a longer discussion about the name of these hazelnuts) are the best in the world.

The Langhe area of Piemonte is wonderfully unique and the Alta Langa area, which is the geographically highest part of Langhe, has the PERFECT microclimate for growing hazelnuts. Look at the map below. Cravanzana, which is in the heart of Alta Langa, is high in the mountains. This means two key things. First, the cold nights up in the mountains allow the hazelnuts to ripen very slowly. Second, being so close to the Ligurian seaside means that the hazelnut trees have all the benefits of sea breezes. Amazing minerality.

Learning about hazelnuts has been incredible for the Gusti Team. Did you know that it takes 10-15 years before hazelnut trees produce a single hazelnut? Marco, Marco, and Giorgio of Terra delle Nocciole are very patient. And we appreciate that so much. These hazelnuts are incredible, their taste is so rich and full of nutty goodness.