Anchovies & Colatura in the LA Times

Nancy Silverton, renowned chef and restaurateur, along with food writer Carolynn Carreño break down the anchovy situation in a fantastic LA Times article. We couldn’t be happier that they recommend both Gustiamo‘s Anchovies and Colatura from Cetara!

If you are looking for an “anchovy revelation,” as they call it, Anchovies from Cetara are what you need:

I discovered Alici di Cetara last summer, when I saw the name listed on restaurant menus as I traveled south from Rome to Campania. These very special anchovies are caught in a seaside village called Cetara from April to September and placed by hand in large plastic drums, layered in salt, where they remain for 12 months. After that the anchovies are cleaned, dried and packed again, this time for retail… With these anchovies, you get all the deliciousness of the fish with none of the hard-to-take, overly fishy qualities often associated with anchovies. They were the inspiration for a wax bean salad I serve with a crostini on the side, topped with a hard-cooked egg and an anchovy fillet. They are available from the Gustiamo website.”

The small fishing village of Cetara

Meanwhile, if you are looking for some liquid Anchovy flavor, Silverton & Carreño strongly suggest getting in on the growing Colatura food trend: “Colatura is an extract made of Cetara anchovies during the curing process, which is then aged for three to four years. The result is a liquid with a much less fishy flavor than anchovies themselves. It can be used to flavor vegetables, pasta, and meat and fish dishes. Expect to see it more and more on restaurant menus, as it is definitely one of the ingredients of the moment. This is also available from Gustiamo.

Nancy and Carolynn, grazie mille for demystifying anchovies (not an easy task!) and for your dedication to the good food anchovy artisans of Cetara.

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