Gustiamo on News 12

Guess who was on News 12 The Bronx? You guessed it, your favorite place to buy authentic Italian foods! Reporter Asha McKenzie came and visited us and we had a blast showing her around the Gusti Warehouse!

Asha says: “Gustiamo is a hidden gem that has been in the Bronx for 17 years! Making sure the city and country have access to authentic Italian goods.”

Asha really got to the heart of who Gustiamo is and what we do. Beatrice talked to Asha about how our location in the Bronx reminds her of some of the places where our farmers come from in Italy and how the Bronx has become part of Gustiamo’s identity after so many years (17!) of operating our warehouse here. Asha also talked to Danielle about the relationship we foster with our amazing producers in Italy and how much attention we pay to where our products come from. Finally, John told Asha all about Gustiamo’s wholesale program, our role on the New York restaurant scene, and the tables where our food ends up!