Ingredienti by Marcella + Victor Hazan

Read this book. It’s the latest from Victor and Marcella Hazan. It’s the kind of book you can read cover to cover. It’ll make you feel like you’ve been cooking by Marcella’s side for years.

What do we love most about Ingredienti? We love Marcella’s no nonsense attitude toward food. Use the right ingredients or don’t cook Italian at all!

This book mentions many of Gustiamo’s producers such as Pianogrillo, Molini del Ponte, Nettuno, and Martelli. At the end of the book, Gustiamo is even called the “basic resource for high-quality Italian pantry components.”

Though we miss her terribly, this book brings us so much joy. Grazie Mille Victor! Here’s where to find your copy: Simon and Schuster

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  1. Bill Adams says:

    We attended two of Marcella’s classes in her home in Venice – one was her “retirement” session just before she and Victor moved from Venice. The classes were a life treasure and we also miss her terribly. She and Victor were the greatest of hosts.

    My notebooks are full of her wisdom as she compared and contrasted the ingredients available in the United States versus those in Italy. One visit to the Venice markets brought that home starkly. Marcella’s insights on ingredients make the final difference that renders her recipes so perfect. If there is more such wisdom in this book it will be more than worth the read.

    Thanks to Victor for bringing this to us. And our best wishes to him for his well being.


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